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Cape Town Cycle Tour EBIKE CHALLENGE – Done & Dusted!!

Supporting Zip Zap Social Circus in their 30th Birthday year because of the incredible impact they have on South Africa’s rainbow children.  Their youth and outreach programmes are hosted for free to ordinary children and youth-at-risk. After two years of restrictions their beneficiaries are so excited to be back at Zip Zap to learn their circus skills and reconnect with their friends.  These programmes transform children’s lives by imparting both life and performance art skills and ultimately enables employment. Zip Zap is only able to do this great work through donations like these. Please help me to contribute to their programmes. 

The ‘fundracing’ campaign is for the Zip Zap Social Circus and are used to run their youth and outreach programmes offered free of charge to children and youth from all walks of life.  By supporting Zip Zap’s programmes you are not only promoting the wellbeing of youth at risk, but also inspiring them to envision a brighter future.


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